Delivering the candidate into placement

Passive and Active Search

Clicknfix sourcers work as assistants to our clients’ local recruiters. We identify the candidates our clients’ recruiters do not have the time to find or may not know how to find. We identify candidates from a wide variety of resources. Our sourcers use the latest tools to increase their efficiency. All have two monitors so they can search from multiple resources while working within an Applicant Tracking System. We allow our sourcers to simultaneously capture candidates from numerous job boards and Clicknfix’s resume database.

Candidate resumes are uploaded directly to our clients’ Applicant Tracking System or submitted via email. Additionally, the sourcers submit a separate Candidate Submittal Report for each job order. The report lists each candidate submitted for that job order, the resume source, and their validated contact information. Most importantly, the report ranks each candidate with an explanation that enables the recruiter to understand the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

Database Building

When time-to-hire determines success, a robust and updated resume database is a driver of profitability. Clicknfix sourcers can clean up corrupted databases by replacing outdated resumes with current resumes, finding new high-fit candidates, and removing irrelevant candidates.

A high-powered database is key to success when:

  • The client has a high volume of entry-level job openings,
  • Client’s recruiters need large lists of candidates to call each morning,
  • Clients have recurring positions in the same location, and/or
  • The client’s recruiters frequently speak with candidates in their specialty area before they are active in the job market.

Sales Lead Generation

The first step in getting new business is to identify, contact, and set appointments with prospective customers. Most successful salespeople excel at customer interaction. However, conducting research to identify prospects is neither their strength nor a productive use of salespeople’s time.

Our sales lead generation researchers directly replace the research hours spent by the client’s high-earning salespeople with Clicknfix’s much lower cost hours. Better yet, Clicknfix’s researchers can split their time between providing leads for the client’s salespeople and sourcing candidates for their local recruiters.

For the sales lead generation process:

  • The client’s salespeople specify the research characteristics – industry, revenues, geography, and seniority level within the target organizations.
  • The salespeople can also directly send names of the target companies.
  • iPlace researchers submit a report with verified names, contact details, social media profiles, corporate bios from company websites, and other background information.
  • The above information allows salespeople to quickly learn about the decision-makers they will be contacting prior to calling.


We provide full lifecycle recruiting for direct hire and contract jobs,

VMS accounts, and high-volume projects.

Total Talent Management

We provide direct hire and contingent workforce solutions to

corporations and MSPs.